Fashion guide: 8 ways to wear minimalism

What is minimalism?

If you haven't already known from my post Top 9 summer fashion trends 2013, minimalism in art and design refers to a trend dated back to the 1950's. Fashion minimalists aim at creating the maximum visual impact out of fewest elements in its simplest forms

Then again, the question here isn't what the trend is but how can you wear it to turn those heads around. Is elegant what you want or edgy what you seek? Either way, there are a few little tricks to get you that one stop ticket to an effortless yet oh-so-chic summer wardrobe, and "if the people stare then the people stare".

How to wear minimalism?
Here are 8 ways to show you how

Trust your pastel. Just as what it is, minimalism doesn't need excessively bright color scheme to mark its name. The subtler your color palette is, the more people will notice your outfit details, the more sophisticated it will appear.

Keep it loose. One of the perk of being a fashion minimalist is that its sleek and streamlined nature speaks for your inner feminism while keeping you comfortable at all time. The key idea is to never wear anything overly tight that screams "you're trying too hard". A soft and flowing top can easily add a delicate yet elegant touch to your look, just as a little drape can bring about a super fresh and simple turn.  

Create a fine line separating different tones. If pastel shades make you feel under-the-radar, go ahead and throw in a different colored bottom to contrast the look. But instead of merging top and bottom layers of the outfit, tuck in your shirt and create that subtle fine line separating two tones. That fine line can make the difference between a sloppy look and a sophisticated attention to details.

Bring some attitude with a pop of color. If the muted colors and streamlined layers bring elegance and grace, a pop of bright colored accessories makes a statement. After all, maximum optical effect is what minimalists seek. Giving people something to caught their attention on is just making it a little easier. 

Shower your look with muted hues. If a single touch is not enough to satisfy your love of color, why not go all the way with a light pink shift dress or a baby blue pleated skirt? There are only a fews thing to keep in mind: go for subtle muted hues, offer crispy visual effect with clean cuts and fine line separating different colors, keep the number of colors minimal and some elegant jewelries (like thin gold necklaces and floral earings) will always do you good.

Lush textures for a semi haute couture look. Minimalism is surprisingly close to unisex fashion. Clean cuts details can mean more masculinity. And so it's easy enough to say lush textures like lace, laser-cut, embroidery and appliqué can bring back feminism to your outfits. (And if you need some tips on how to wear these textures, here is a link to help you with that. Easy breezy, no?)

Flattering cuts and high slits is what make you sexy. Say, a monotonous cotton maxi dress with thigh high slit can not only complement your figure but also elongate your body. Just like the Balenciaga piece with daring cut-outs on the left, a piece with clean hem lines, touched-up with a few slits, cuts, and everything else kept simple will gives your outfits that extra sexy vibe that you seek.

Suit up in something that fits. There will come that time when you need to present yourself with everything formal and nice, always pick a suit with narrow cuts that fits you well. Whether it's made from soft fabrics with pastel shades or entirely bouclé in darker colors, keep it neat with clean separating lines between shades and materials. If the idea is still too stiff for your taste, maybe a killer pair of heels will help break up the formality and add a stylish twist to showcase your fashionability.

Then again, rules are made to be broken. Show the world how you embrace the style. C'est chic!
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