Color Pop & how to choose your perfect sunscreen

What is summer without that pop of bright color on the beach, am I right? And it can't get any cooler when you are that pop of color people see on the beach, no? 

You will come across countless ways to mix and match your summer color palette. There will be no rules, you can create something strikingly eye-catching with color blocking but sometimes, only a pop of color is enough to make a statement. (In case you need some help, check out the ultimate trick to mix and match colors - in the last half of the linked post - for your daily outfits)

Today I'm wearing something super simple, frankly because I don't want to over-think my outfits when I'm supposed to be chilling on the beach for some tanning session. Shock, shock, horror, I know. Obviously my skin complexion is already dark enough that I can't afford a luxury like sunbathing. But lucky for me, I have found the perfect sunscreen that really does keep my skin from being overexposed to the sun while I close my eyes and enjoy that beautiful feeling of a sun-kissed skin.

How to pick out the perfect sunscreen?

If you are still in search for your perfect sunscreen, Michelle Phan has uploaded a super helpful Ultimate Guide to Sunscreen on her youtube channel to make it easy breezy for all of you out there. Here is also a list of 10 Best Sunscreen by Allure Magazine and for me, I'm using Paslé Paris Q10 SPF45+/PA++ which is actually a sunblock. 

Sunblock is different from sunscreen in that it contains much less harmful chemicals than sunscreen, therefore it's best for children and sensitive skin. That's why Paslé Q10 is my top choice, it doesn't contained the three most common harmful sunscreen chemicals oxybenzone, 4-MBC, homosalate and does contain beneficial skincare substances Titanium dioxide và Zinc Oxide (which are the two main ingredients that makes up all types of sunblock). I know it's a mouthful but those are some terms that you should look out for when choosing your perfect sunscreen.

And lastly, a tip to get the most out of your sunscreen is to always wait 30 minutes after applying before you go out and enjoy that gorgeous sunshine. 

And that's it, enjoy your summer. C'est chic!

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  1. gorgeous photos and outfit, love the pants. and thank you for the sunscreen tip.


  2. another gorgeous outfit, dear, and you wear it well . . .


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