Top 9 Fashion Trends of Summer 2013 (Clothing)

Fashion trend changes from season to season and sometimes it can be hard to keep up with what models are wearing down the runway in the latest fashion weeks. If you are not sure of what are trendy this summer or how to best style them for your daily outfits, you have come to the right place. This little fashion guide of mine will help you get a closer look at 9 must-know trends of the season. (in alphabetical order).

Never have I ever been so excited to try on what fashion's most talented designers have played out for us. Of all nine summer inspirations, I'm absolutely most in love with the laser-cut details and minimalistic turn, how about you?

What is the "bomber" trend?

The term "bomber" refers to a type of short jacket tightly gathered at the waist with elasticized wrist cuffs and a zipper front. 

Inspired by the classic bomber, the "bomber" trend emphasizes the exaggerated round shaped bomber sleeves, touched with some but usually not all of the bomber's features: an elasticized wrist cuff or a zipper front for instance. 

Some were greatly modified into extra short jackets like those metallic bombers in the Burberry Prorsum Spring/Summer 2013 Collection or into super chic Valentino trend coats or Alexander Wang oversized sweatshirts.


What is the "candy stripes" trend?

Stripes has been taking the fashion world by storm ever since it's first displayed on the runways of countless designer labels for their 2013 Spring/Summer Collection. 

The "Candy Stripes" trend is an incorporation of the phenomenal stripes and op art (i.e.optical art, a style of visual art that makes use of optical illusions) with bright summer palette, which is what your closet will need to hit the beach this season.


What are embroidery and laser-cuts?

Embroidery is a handicraft of decorating fabrics using a wide variety of colorful thread and yam stitches. 

Appliqué, originated from what is known as patchwork, is an art. It is a technique in which pieces of clothes or embroidery are sewn onto another piece of fabric to create a design, pattern or picture

Laser cutting, on the other hand, is a complicated and rather expensive technique using laser to create holes of patterns onto materials. 

Most refined designers in the industry has been vastly using these techniques in their collections to create most unique and extraordinary contributions to the fashion world of art.

What is graphic print?

Printed fabric has always been the core of summer fashion. Designers seek to illustrate the young and energetic vibe that summer brings in various brightly colored patterns and images.

Floral print is a classic, printed on a structured top with a twist of python sleeves as seen on the runway for Preen S/S 2013 Collection. This summer's populars also welcome geometric, mixed patterned and photomontage prints with printed trousers, more than any thing else, are the It items for your closet this year.

How to wear prints?

A most important tip on how to wear graphic prints is to go bold with the color, crazy with the design but minimal on accessories. Too much details might create confusion so statement jewelries won't do you any good. Bring focus to the graphic and you are there.

What is minimalism?

Minimalism in art and design refers to a trend dated back to the 1950's, aiming at creating the maximum visual impact out of fewest elements in its simplest forms. Essentially, minimalism is everything simple yet edgy, but tricky to pull off. Combining the right layers and wear them with the right attitude isn't always easy. For those who aren't quite sure how minimalism works, I will be showing you 7 tips on "How to style something minimalistic" in my next post so stay tuned, it will be a breeze.


What is monochrome?

Monochrome in fashion describes the use of different shades of a sole color onto fabrics. Based on the concept of "less is more", monochrome is the easiest path for a girl to embrace her desired "effortlessly chic" look.

This season, white, more than any other color, is the main focus of the trend. Street styles around the world are dominated by white on white outfits, a concept thought to be very simple yet breathes class and sophistication. 

How to wear White on White?

The key idea is to focus on fabrication, experiment different technique of layering since color is something you can't manipulate. But if colors are something you cannot do without, there is always a way of sneaking them in through statement jewelries and color popping heels or clutches. A pair of nude heels may be a better way to help you stay true to monochrome than blood red stilettos but rule no.1, to stand out, you follow no rule.

About the neon trend

Neon colors are those brightly glowing shades of orange or yellow that you see from any typical summer color palette. There is a fact that when it comes to summer fashion, neon is all the attitude and the edginess that you will seek. The Spring/Summer 2013 Louis Vuitton's bright yellow runway floor and color popping patterns on its fabrics are obvious tributes to neon being the trend of the summer.

How to wear neon?

A tip on how to pull off a perfect neon outfits is never to over do it. A touch of neon on either your clutch, heels or jewelries would be enough to make a statement. Always remember to balance out a neon skirt with a more neutral colored top for optimal visual effect. Pick your occasion, neon carries a lot of attitude so you have to be careful with where you want to show your attitude off.

What is sheen?

Not quite as bold and full of attitude as metallic, sheen refers to a soft luster on the surface of fabric, a more subtle and sophisticated trend every girl will need for here summer closet.

The talented Chief Creative Officer of Burberry, Christopher Bailey, is one of the many that have successfully brought sheen to live on the runway in London Fashion Week. 

How to wear sheen?

Sheen goes well with muted colors more than anything else. It adds a luxurious touch to any daily outfit and since sheen brings about soft lusters instead of high shine, it can be easily incorporated also in your day time outfits, not only night wears.

Wearing sheen, you don't have to worry about turning into a traffic light because there is no such thing as too much sheen, unlike its preceded metallic trend.


Continuing to take fashion world by storm, after 50 years of absence, It items from the sixties have once again ruled fashion weeks. Louis Vuitton and Chanel are only a few of the many fashion houses to find great summer inspiration from the sixties shapes and colors.

What is "the 60's" trend?

Fashion in the sixties are known for its bold primary colors, shift dresses with pop-art prints, minimalistic flower images which are all apparent in Prada, Marc Jacobs or Moschino Spring/Summer 2013 runways. The original trend, however, adapted some more modern twists and turns to mark its glorious comeback: shift dresses opted for higher hem lines and flower fluorescent took a more bold form of embroideries and appliqué rather than mere prints. 

Accessories are also heavily influenced by extreme structure like those mini squared handbags or chunky floral sunglasses. Now is the time to update your wardrobe if you haven't already because judging from what we saw on the runway for Fall/Winter 2013-14 Collections, the sixties trend are to be around for a quite a while, at least for another season. 

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9 Summer Fashion Trends 2013
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