If there is a place where one can discover the most extraordinary lomography-like images easily as swiping a finger then it has to be instagram. It's definitely one of the things I cannot live without. I love how it only takes a touch of the finger to share snapshots of the beautiful world surrounding me and discover what my friends and people on the other side of the globe find beautiful.

Anyways, if you haven't yet followed me on instagram (@jennxhoang), here is some of my latest snaps and it's all about food! Bon appetit!  

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At Burgers & Lobsters Soho, London and oh my god, I'm in love!

One of the best thai food you can find at Addie's Thai

 And they have the best milk tea I have ever tasted!

Eat Tokyo! The 'no reservation' on weekends is a b**** (sorry!), but only for these is half an hour waiting in the cold worth it.

I can't help but taking quick shots of all the lights over Harvey Nichols in Bristol last Xmas.

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