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I suddenly feel like posting about street styles today and so here we are (I'm so random! c:). I know for many of you its half way into spring, bye-bye big fur and leather jackets, hello to shorts and floral mini skirts. But with the temperature under 0 degree C and snow in April, that beautiful scenario is still far away for those living in the UK like me. Fur is still my best friend and if you are still unsure on how to style them, here are some ideas to inspire your closet choices. 

How to style your fur?

The safest way to style a fur jacket is probably mixing it with skinny jeans or leggings together with a pair of simple ankle boots. If your fur is in one plain color, a pair of printed or floral leggings would give it the perfect highlight feature of your outfit. But if your fur already has its unique design or if you find the color of the fur is already bold enough (imagine fuchsia pink, green or cobalt blue), a simple black skinny jeans would make a harmonious combination. 

Some of you may disagree but I'm not recommending matching blue denim jeans with fur coats or jackets, though if you love your little blue jeans so much, maybe try pairing it with white or soft nude color fur which would then turn the focus of your outfit to your favorite jeans. Here, you may want to have the jeans cropped, washed or dyed, or adding gold zipped details to create a bolder look. I find gold details go with fur very well, they add the extra luxurious and chic look to your fabulous and potentially expensive fur coat, so how about some gold jewelries?

Anyways, I can't wait to blog about how I style my own fur jacket. Stay tuned!

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