Have you ever seen those French girls on Paris streets wearing only jeans and t-shirt, yet looking oh so chic? Well, there is actually a secret to look like those thin, tall and beautiful models. Pairing a simple pair of jeans and a white t-shirt might make you look monotonous and under-the-radar, but if you know how to touch-up your look then ready for street photographers going crazy!

So, how to look French taller and thinner with jeans and t-shirt?

Cropped jeans is the trick. Cropping or rolling up your pair of blue jeans slightly above the ankle gives an illusion of longer legs and these work best with a pair that is a little bit baggy (definitely not skinny) and well structured. If your legs are not perfectly straight or model thin, baggy pants is the rule of thumb to hide imperfections.

Wear your heels. But of course that doesn't mean you must wear them to create a taller look, and not every pair can pull it off. Many pair stilettos with jeans and it's a classic match but it really doesn't make your legs look much longer than it should have, unless it's 9cm and above. Ankle boots and platform heels are your best friends. And if you can find a pair of ankle boots with platform that works then hands down, you look at least 5'10 now (well, sort of).

Show your skin where your body is skinniest. Notice how cropped jeans works? Because it shows off your ankle, where your legs are thinnest. So why not adding a little more here and there by putting on peep-toed heels, ankle trap or lace up sandals (this baby is my little up the sleeve trick, it creates an illusion of longer legs running all the way to the tip of your toes) or how about a pair of distressed jeans?

Stick to loose t-shirts and blouses. Loose and baggy clothing would not only help you disguise your figure but also never fail to bring the "I'm effortlessly chic and you're just jealous!" look to the table. It's a simple stereotype, if you can pull off such a simple look, you must have amazing taste.

Throw on a boyfriend blazer from time to time and never forget to roll up the sleeves. Because of the same "loosen up" trick, the boyfriend blazer's straight cuts can hide your imperfect curves, whereas the rolled up sleeves put more focus on your wrist, which is the smallest part of your body, making you look thinner.

Some says simple and small pieces of jewelry works best since this look underlies the beauty of simplicity. But I find both small/simple and bold/chunky jewelry works impeccably well, depending on whether you are going for an elegant look or trying to make a statement.

Simplicity is sophisticated. Show the world how you embrace the style. C'est chic! 

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  1. So why not adding a little more Skoinlägg here and there by putting on peep-toed heels,


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