I'm back on the streets of London and this is me somewhere near Westminster Abbey posing for a quick shoot before heading to Soho for my late lunch. 

Only in London would you ever take out your sunglasses in one second and umbrella the next as it starts to snow heavily when it was just now freaking sunny. Frankly, you should never judge the weather by the amount of sunlight shining through your window when you wake up because you will then end up running back inside digging up your closet for a fluffy warm fur coat after the first 5 minutes. That was, well, precisely what happened to me and here we are, ended up with a five-minute quick shoot.

I came to London to spend Easter Holiday with my boyfriend who flew 12 hours to come see me. And no matter how much he dislikes taking pictures, he still helped me shoot these beautiful photos (Thanks babe!). We have been eating out so much in the past week (because I was too lazy to cook) and if you're following me on instagram (@jennxhoang) you can see some of the tastiest dishes I got to try, and my fattiness.

Anyways, happy Easter Sunday!

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Warehouse Faux Leather Jacket (similar here)
Dorothy Perkins vest top
Lace short
Alexander McQueen scarf (more colors here)
Giuseppe Zanotti sneakers (similar here)

And here is my newest music obsession:

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