The Black Caviar has officially joined Facebook on March 3rd, 2013! Like and Follow The Black Caviar on Facebook to get updated with the latest fashion news and sneak-peaks of my daily outfits.

Lots of people has been asking me for this Facebook fanpage and since Facebook has becoming an extremely popular social media site lately, a Facebook page would definitely be an easier and quicker way for you facebookers to get updated with The Black Caviar's news and daily outfits. 

I'm totally a big fan of Facebook myself and I have to admit, I can't survive everyday without checking my facebook every few hours. A simple scroll through your newsfeed and all that you need to see is there, what can possibly be easier than that? 

Anyways, if you are also using Twitter and Instagram, don't forget to follow me @cheese_dips (Twitter) and @jennxhoang (Instagram). My instagram is a bit more personal than any other social medias I use. I actually posts about things that interest me throughout my days, not just fashion, like the food I like or places I go. So, if it hasn't creeped you out yet, don't forget to follow me!

Hype "La Vie En Rose" on!

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