Spring comes with a whole lot of weekend brunches. To me, nothing says spring or brunches louder than some sweet shades of pink. Seashell pink is the color I can't get enough of this season and I have been digging up my closet for clothing pieces with this shade a lot lately. 

Anyways, a printed shirt-blazer combination sounds a little too predictable to me. I felt like going for something different and so threw on a white knitted cardigan over my outfit. The colors of black, pink and white match each others nicely and the white woolen cardigan has added a rather elegant, soft edge to my original formal look. The best thing about this cardigan is it actually kept me warm, which lately, has been my priority when picking out my daily outfits. Anyways, it's spring in the UK, what do you expect?

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ZARA Knits Cardigan
Forever 21 Blazer
H&M Printed Blouse
Warehouse Coated Jeans (link)
Carvela Open-toed Heels (link)
Dolce & Gabbana Miss Sicily (link)

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