It has been ages since I last put on black tights and lace shorts. I miss them so much. I am definitely a sucker for lace and if you spot me on the streets of London any time last year, I would always be wearing black tights. I guess there is something about black tights that make a girl feel a little more sassy, and sexy. It would totally be one of my must-have on a romantic date with my boyfriend.

The printed shirt and lace short in this look are two of my all time favorites, and they are both tailored. I chose the fabric myself, laid out some simple design and they made a lovely vintage combination. The thing I love most about tailoring my clothes is the feeling when I am drown in hundreds of different pieces of fabric knowing that I can choose whichever I want and do whatever I want with it. I have always loved a big colar on my shirt but I couldn't find one ready-to-wear with such design so I decided to put a huge one on my own tailored shirt. 

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I ripped my tights (Again!). And the bruise on my thigh (which I got 2 months ago) is showing! It never goes away ...

Warehouse Lurex Tweed Jacket (link)
Forever 21 Boyfriend's Blazer
McQ by Alexander McQueen heels (similar here & here)
Tailored Vintage Shirt
Tailored Lace Short

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