Capes and oversized coats are ruling London Fashion Week F/W 2013-14 and I can't help but putting on a big, warm and fuzzy wool coat myself when winter's still around. These big babies have been my wardrobe must-have the last few weeks as the weather is getting seriously freezing and horribly windy. 

I find that oversized capes and coats can be matched easily with different outfits and give them that effortlessly classy touch. If you're afraid the look is too boring, you can always throw in a colored belt that matches with the colors of your accessories or one that color-blocks the rest of your outfit. Speaking of the colors, Lauren Conrad has written a post on "Color code: How to mix & match" which I find absolutely interesting and inspirational. If you are new to color blocking or simply get stuck at times, this can be your survival kit.

Anyways, I have been obsessed with protecting my head and ears lately, especially after I recovered from my cold. Do you see the scarf on my head? Originally I didn't put it on for fashion's sake, it was there to cover my ear, well, in the meantime, before I find the Perfect-Ear-Muff! Ciao!

BCBG Oversized Coat
Zara Basic Wool Jumper
Warehouse Paisley Printed Blouse
Warehouse Coated Jeans (link)
Salvatore Ferragamo Flats
Alexander McQueen Scarf (on my head)
Prada Saffiano
And a Japanese lollipop! 

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  1. Great outfit!!!



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