I was completely crazy to wear a sleeveless top in this dreadful weather. One strange thing about me is that I can never get my head around wearing a big furry coat to keep me warm in the winter and no matter how little I wear, I never catch a cold. 

I know I shouldn't push it but the sky today had such a dreamlike golden color that makes me want to wear something bright to match it. And so, here we are!

Waffling ... I tried a crepe place near the Habour-side for lunch and it was one of the best crepe I've ever had. Just one little problem, there is no roof to protect you from either wind or rain here in Bristol. Take-away it is!

Vintage jacket
Vintage flower printed top
Snake skin leggings
Salvatore Ferragamo flats
Tiffany & Co. necklace and bracelets
Victoria Beckham sunglasses


  1. Hello dear, Your blog really awesome! Love it! <3
    Btw, wanna follow each other via GFC? Let me know ;)

  2. nice outfit you look great!!!:)
    happy new year :)

  3. HI :)

    very pretty blog ! I like it

    hope you have a nice day


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