Happy new year fashion lovers! I'm currently in London celebrating New Year's Eve with my new and old friends. I've never realised how much I miss the crowd, the busy life and festive air here until I came back to it. 

Walking on the same old Oxford Str., dinning at my same old fav restaurants...I guess I was trying to relive the good old times on this very last day of the year. After all, 31st Dec means a little more to me than just a new year's eve and this city is where it all began.

Anyways, I love the fireworks, especially the count down and the part where they play Gangnam Style.

These photos, though, was taken in Bristol. I think an evergreen garden and a lady-like maxi is a great way to kick oFf a fresh new year.

I'll be posting London pics very soon. Can't wait!

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