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So finally I'm a working girl now!

After months of looking for a job to kill all the time I spent lazying around on my bed (which is about 18-20 hrs a day, yes? Haha, the rest are for eating and taking showers oh la la), I have found a very very nice and lovely job waitressing at a Japanese restaurant!! Oh I love love love salmon sashimi and the chef promised to give me whatever I want!! I love you Chef!!

Today I tried the spicy TAKO SASHIMI and it was beyond delicious!! If you haven't had it before, you MUST MUST try it now !! Totemo oishii nee

Back to the point, hahah, the restaurant has one dress code: EVERYTHING BLACK!! And if you don't know, although Black is a must-have color in any of my outfit, I really can't get my head around wearing nothing but black color. So on my first day, I wore my fave Miu Miu sneakers and obviously the manager's response was a big NO NO! 

But honestly! I don't even have one pair of black shoes, I thought my clothes are black enough, my shoes MAY be the only color my daily outfit can have, hahaha. But I needed one, so I rushed to the shopping center to pick up a pair before my next shift and I have found these stunning studded flats from ZARA and all I could say was "oh la la"!!

This is the outfit I wore when I bought the shoes, I had to change to a black shirt for work. Well, the thing is our restaurant has a after-work party almost every night and that day was no exception. It was sick and I got home around 7a.m and, well, I looked so wasted that I cannot upload any photos of my working outfit, though I took a freaking lot of pictures.

Oh well ... 

BCBG Oversized Coat

Michael Kors Top

Snake-skin Effect Leggings

ZARA Studded Flats

Prada Bag

Alexander McQueen Scarf

Oh, by the way, if you haven't known already, this is what Tako sashimi looks like. And well, it's OCTOPUS 

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