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So ... its almost half way into December. The chills in the air, white snow on the ground, the holiday season is finally here !!! 

And what would the holiday season be with out exclusive sales and insanely lots of absolutely gorgeous giveaways?! I have here with me 12 of the hottest deals taking place at this very moment. It's my way of saying "Why not have 12 days of Xmas in 12 hours ?!". Honey, would you want to unwrap one gift at a time when you know you can have it all ?

I just really want to attach this beautiful photo of Harrods on Xmas in this post as I miss it so much! You have got my heart, London!


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I will be adding these giveaways at 12 random hours throughout the two days, and darlings, you don't want to miss any of them!

GIVEAWAY #1: ShopStyle's "12 days of Christmas"

To enter, click HERE.

I was actually lucky enough be the winner of their very first "12 days of Xmas" giveaway, a £500 shopping spree, an exclusive make over with Vogue, and got my Stylebook featured on ShopStyle's oficial website. I was super excited!

This giveaway was originally a collaboration between Shopstyle and Vogue Online Fashion Week, which I had reviewed HERE. I will be posting all the outfits I choose during the shopping spree here on my blog, and also on instagramtwitterfacebook and tumblr.

Xmas has definitely come early for me this year, wish you all the best of luck in finding yours !

Here are some of my featured looks on ShopStyle. I know the holiday season comes with a whole lot of dinner parties, and these might give you some ideas on how to get all the eyes in the room on you that evening:


Just a few more pictures of HARRODS by night! Don't you love this year's Disney Fairytale Christmas display?!

Haha, this bus stop is where I hop on a two-stop bus ride back home from Harrods for the last two years!

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