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I am super excited! After much procrastination, it is now official, my very own TUMBLR page!

The Black Caviar's Tumblr is quite different from the blog as there will only be photos of my looks & my stylebook. I think the reason why I have putting it off is because I haven't found the perfect design for it yet. As this will be my photo blog, I need a design that can catch the readers' eyes and emphasize the beauty of each photos. And I'm in love with my current tumblr theme and after leaving some of my individual touch, it is now ready to launch!

So if you are in a hurry and scrolling down all my "blah blah blah" talk is too much hard work, I think my TUMBLR will be your next best stop!

The Black Caviar's tumblr includes the "ABOUT ME" page which hasn't been on my blog yet. The header was designed & drawn by me, which I'm super excited about! I have been trying out many other designs before this but I think this one best describe my style and what my blog is all about.

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Hope to see you around more! xoxo

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