So it seems like the Chicago based fashion designer Brian Atwood has finally took a page out of Tom Ford's handbook and make the sex sells. "Sex is in the heels" is the name of his Fall/Winter 2012 Ad Campaign, staring the Victoria's Secret bombshell angel Candice Swanepole, where she has on her the Brian Atwood's gorgeous pair of thigh high boots and ... well, nothing but the boots (and no, not even lingeries). 

The campaign is somewhat a Tom-Ford-meets-90s-Kate-Moss, as they called it, and though indeed, the mysterious blue lighting with silhouette shadowed background and tons of hot naked male super models did give the ad the sexual vibe it was looking for, some found the concept a little TOO sexy and, well, i don't blame them, since although "Fifty Shades of Grey" shares a similar concept, it didn't come with naked models. So, sadly, his ad campaign was banned at Madison Avenue (where the brand was soon to be opened) and on taxi banners (that means there won't be situations where your GF/BF doesn't return your calls for a week because they thought you can't take your eyes off these super sexy naked models when you were only adoring Mr.Atwood's super hot shoes collection! Well, it can happen!)

Speaking of Brian Atwood's shoes, i absolutely adore almost every pairs in his 2012 F/W Collection. It was such a marvelous party of styles, from Thigh High Python Boots to Color Popping Stilettos, with a little inspiration from the coquette, the geometric glam, the modern deco and the fetish, he surely has done it all. Let me show you three of my favourite pieces from  the Brian Atwood's 2012 F/W Collection:

  Pazza Fur Snakeskin Booties

 Encanta Multi Strap Sandals

Ando Black Python Thigh-high Boots

Brian Atwood's 2012 F/W Collection has brought back something that the whole season was desperately in need of: COLORS. Fall/Winter definitely shouldn't mean monotone colors like black or white, but popping hot colors like burnt orange, dramatic burgundy, super hot cobalt blue or mustard yellow. But of course, just to make his collection more to-die-for, he wouldn't dare to miss some of the top trends this season: colorful fur and ankle candy

The Pazza Fur booties is the perfect reason why we should all fall in love with colorful fur. Featuring dark teal, rabbit and snakeskin in pine green, the open-toed 4.3 inch heel booties also has pine green fur details running along its lace closure, giving it an absolutely classy and sexy statement look.
The Encanta Multi Strap Sandals is a true ankle candy. The heels are dressed in a party of popping hot colors: red, pink and purple, flawlessly complemented by the contrary cold green shaded heels. It has a rather summerly look, but bringing colors to the fall just make it even more high-fashion!

And lastly, the thigh high Ando black python boots that carries Brian Atwood's name and his purpose as a fashion designer: "to make the bottom halves of the women extremely long, lean and fabulously sexy". Well, obviously, I can't agree more! All these three eye-candies sure did give me "The Cinderella Factor" that the former shoemaker of Versace promises to deliver!

From J.J. with love x

If you haven't watched Brian Atwood's 2012 F/W ad campaign, watch it here!

Get Pazza Fur booties in grey flannel and black rabbit for $910 at collete. If you are insisted on the Pazza Fur in dark teal, snakeskin and rabbit as pictured above, then so sorry but you will have to get in line at Brian Atwood's official website, well, until further notice!
Get Encanta Multi strap sandals from $1335 at Brian Atwood's official website in red multi satin, camel leather or rose gold shimmer leather.
Get Ando black python at Brian Atwood's official website for $3,100, also in grey suede.

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