New Year's Eve - A Little Glam and Those Red Lips

New Year's Eve party. It is that utterly exciting time of the year again, when you tell yourself all the white lies about how next year is going to be different, with less compulsive shopping and more, what do you call it again, oh, strategic investments in timeless pieces. 

Speaking of timeless pieces, those mini Saint Laurent Sac de Jour are exactly what we have been waiting for - your next investment - a signature handbag that marks the rebirth of the brand what was once famous for its leather totes with the iconic Y.S.L. I must say, I completely respect the creativity fashion houses have going on around their handbag size charts. The tiny version of their bags are absolutely adorbs, let it be sized "micro", "nano" or whatever else that sounds a lot like what Apple will be calling their sim card next!

The fact is, your room is probably full with shopping bags and boxes delivered from your wild "Boxing day" extravaganza, with all the clothes that you want to put on and go out right now, even if it's just for taking out the trash. I've been there. If only there was a way you can layer all that clothes in one outfit. 

But if, for any reason, you haven't got your head around the perfect New Year Eve's look, I have put together a few outfit ideas, which you can shop from my Polyvore page. The idea is casual chic - Stay chic and stay in budget, as I usually say. I love things that are effortless but nevertheless, glamorous and chic to show for that epic count down moment. Keep in mind that, when that three-course dinner starts rolling in, you will need pants that are easily unbuttoned and a loose top that can hide all that chocolate mousse.

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