I'm half way through my exam period and it's been nothing but stressful and depressing. Online shopping has been the only thing that keeps me alive through this darkest period of the year, god bless you internet! I couldn't find anytime to go out photo shooting my outfits (partly also because of the weird wet and cold weather these days. I mean, it's summer for crying out loud!) so I've been insta-blogging my daily looks, which you can take a look at on my instagram @jennxhoang

But anyways, just a couple of weeks more and I'll be feeding my blog again so fingers crossed! My baby has been starving for too long now, so here's a quick look at what I've been wearing. Instagram time!


It might look like a cat fight happened here, but ... It's just me scratched myself with my bracelets! That baby is now in the box thinking about what she did!


Céline, anyone?

And this is me being random...!

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  1. Great pics!! Just found your blog and I love it! Hope you visit mine!


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