It's Bloglovin time!

I have finally downloaded the Bloglovin app and installed the Bloglovin add-on to my Google Chrome and I just can't wait to share it with you guys. 

What is Bloglovin?

Reading blogs can be a pain in the ass. And Bloglovin was created so blog readers like me and you wouldn't have to visit un-updated blogs, open ten windows in our browser, or forget our favorite blogs web-addresses. It rounds up your favorite blogs all on one site, and is updated almost immediately after a new post is made so you can read through them while having a hot cup of coffee in the morning, easy breezy

And the best thing is it allows you to follow blogs from all sort of blogger platforms, including blogspot, wordpress and tumblr and group them according to your preference. With Bloglovin, you can catch up with some really good reads and it doesn't get more fun or easier than this.

About the Bloglovin app

I am kinda obsessed with scrolling through newsfeeds on my social media apps and ever since I can remember, Instagram has been my most frequently used iphone app. That is until I downloaded Bloglovin and literally followed almost a hundred other blogs. I like how easy it is to keep myself updated with all the wonderful news from other fashion and beauty bloggers. The design is very chic and clean, and the app is super fast and convenient. 

If you haven't already had it yet, download it now on iPhone or Android and don't forget to follow me on Bloglovin too!

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